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Customizable financial education solutions
to put students ahead of the curve 

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Why Ever Green 3C

All high school students in Michigan will soon be required to take a half-credit personal finance course before they graduate, and credit unions are in a unique position to help prepare students in their community for a financially successful future.


At Ever Green 3C, our expert team of certified financial educators developed a myriad of financial education resources specifically geared toward teens and young adults. From digital to in-class teaching and learning materials, Ever Green 3C has the innovative solutions to empower Michigan’s next generation to make smart budget decisions and take control of their personal finances.


Classroom Workbooks

Created with K-12 Common Core standards in mind, our classroom workbooks assist educators with financial education lesson planning by streamlining the process and improving the teaching experience. The series consists of four courses, each comprised of a student activity workbook and a corresponding teacher’s guide.

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Digital Financial Education

An interactive digital content platform, Ever Green 3C’s Financial Wellness Center delivers engaging financial education content — blogs, articles, podcasts and more — specifically geared toward teens and young adults. It is the perfect digital companion for our classroom workbooks and presentations. 

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